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ObsidianPhotography.com first began in 2002 on the student servers at the University of Oregon and has been a website ever since. The site has changed over time, however the goal remains the same; to share and enjoy nature photography.

The name Obsidian Photography came from the location the photographer, L. A. Miller, was at on the first “official” photo shoot for the website. This mountain was the South Sister. The South Sister is one of three conjoined mountains with an abundance of obsidian veins, near the central Oregon town of Sisters, Oregon.

About L.A. Miller – The Photographer

L. A. Miller first began planning  and going on photo shoots for the website in 2001. On a very small budget, their gear consisted of a Canon AE-1 Pro, a Canon 50mm f1.4 and the usual choice of Fuji Reala, Provia or Velvia 50 films… depending on budget and setting (or availability). Eventually L. A. Miller upgraded to a Canon T-90 and Sony A7 among other fun toys.

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